Guv launches Telugu version of ‘GST Rate Finder’

Guv launches Telugu version of ‘GST Rate Finder’
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‘It is a proud moment’, said Governor Narasimhan while launching the first regional language version of ‘GST Rate Finder’ Telugu version of the Mobile App for Android phones. English version of the Mobile App was launched in July this year.

The Governor said the Telugu version of the ‘GST Rate Finder’ Mobile App is a much needed tool and helpful for the common man. He said whenever new reforms are introduced they give rise to new apprehensions. He lauded GST reform as a bold reform launched by the Union Government and said it paved the way for ‘One country, One Tax’ replacing multiplicity of taxes. He said GST is an ultimate advantage to the common man. He said three segments of population feel the impact of GST, the common man, Traders and the rich people. He said ultimate happiness depends on the success of GST.

The Governor said the department has to bring awareness among people on what is there in it for them and what GST means to them by helping them from ignorance to knowledge. He said GST will take at least six months to one year to settle down. He said GST experiment has started and it is a paradigm shift for the common man. He said with the implementation of GST, those traders, who were outside the tax bracket are now brought into the tax net. By broad basing the tax net, more revenues will be generated for the greater benefit of the country and greater devolution of funds to States for greater development.

With the successful implementation of game changing reform of GST, India will join league of super economic powers and people’s level of happiness will go up, said the Governor. He informed the officers of the Central Excise department to have their feet on the ground and bring awareness to the people and traders on the GST by taking the example of Amazon, which launched a program called ‘Foot in the village’ by helping people to place orders through online system.

The Governor further said with GST also, people may find a way to avoid paying taxes, but it is the responsibility of the department to plug the loopholes in the system. He said it is a tough job for the department, particularly with GST rates undergoing dynamic changes. He said the world will take notice of the implementation of game-changing reform of GST in the country.

Bankey Behari Agrawal, Chief Commissioner, GST & Customs, Hyderabad Zone,  Naresh Penumaka, Principal Commissioner, GST,  Harpreet Singh, Principal Secretary to Governor and officers and staff of GST Customs department participated in the program. (NSS)