Hajj subsidy and its reality, Know the details

Hajj subsidy and its reality, Know the details
Photos: NDTV

New Delhi: The issue of Hajj subsidy has been once again in news with the government scrapping it, citing that the money will be diverted into education and development of Muslims, especially Muslim girl education.

But the fact regarding the Hajj subsidy and its figures reveal a completely different picture which has been shown with calculations.

Calculation of the Hajj Subsidy:

As of now, the quota for Indian Haji’s to travel to holy cities of Mecca and Madinah in Saudi Arabia for the Hajj Pilgrimage is one lakh Thirty six thousand Haji’s.

Last year annual budget the government sanctioned Rs.691 crores as Hajj subsidy. It means that, the expenditure for each Haji is Rs.50, 808/-. Let us assume that it is Rs.50, 000/-

Now, let us sum up the total expenditure:

One Haji needs to pay Rs.1, 80,000/- to the government.

From this Rs.1, 80,000/- amount, approximately Rs.34, 000/- (Saudi Arabian Riyal 2100) are given back to the Haji after reaching Mecca.

It means that, Rs. 1, 86,000 – Rs 34,000 = Rs 1.46 lacs.

Mumbai to Jeddah return tickets if booked in advance, then it would cost less than Rs.25, 000/-, but still let us consider Rs.25, 000/-

Moreover, the expenses related to food, taxi or bus have to be paid from Haji’s own pocket.

Now, let us calculate the expenditure from the amount Rs. 1, 46,000/- paid to the government:


Flight:                                      Rs. 25,000

Stay in Mecca (25 days):        Rs. 50,000

Stay in Madinah (15 days):     Rs. 20,000

Other expenses:                       Rs. 25,000

Total expenses:                      Rs. 1, 20,000


It means that amount taken from one Haji is Rs. 1, 46,000/- but the total expenses are of Rs. 1, 20,000/-. It is clear that one Haji gives Rs. 26,000/- to the government from his own pocket.

Now the real matter is when a Haji bears all expenses from his own pocket and on top of that additional Rs. 26,000/- goes to the government.

Approximately, from one Haji, including the subsidy, the government gets total Rs. 76,000/- but where does this amount go?

Rs. 26000 + Rs. 50,000 * 1, 36,000 Haji’s = Rs. 10, 33, 60, 00,000/- (One thousand thirty three crores and sixty lacs)

Remember, as of now, the Air India company is in loss of Rs. 2100 crores. Without doubt, this money goes to Air India and in the pockets of Indian politicians.

On other side, Muslims are being embarrassed and humiliated in the name of Hajj Subsidy.