Hasin Jahan appeals to media help her getting Mohammed Shami arrested

Hasin Jahan appeals to media help her getting Mohammed Shami arrested
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Kolkata: Mohammed Shami’s wife Hasin Jahan requested media in a press conference on Monday to help her getting the cricketer arrested. Jahan also recorded her statement before a magistrate in Kolkata after which she had addressed the reporters.

“I put my reputation and respect on the line for this case. Shami and his brother misbehaved with me I even tolerated that and kept quiet to save my family. Even in today’s day and age, a woman has to go through such things. And when I’ve come out to fight against all this you guys [media] are pointing fingers at me,” Jahan slammed the media persons.

“Why should I tolerate all this just because I am a woman? I fold my hands and I’m requesting you [media] all to support me in this fight because it is not a small fight. This fight is about a woman’s honour and respect. Shami has destroyed my honour and is destroying the honour of all these girls in question as well,” Jahan said.

Before pleading the media for help, Jahan had appealed the chief minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee for helping her to fight against injustice. Jahan had alleged that Shami was with Alishba in Dubai as the Indian cricket team returned from South Africa and added that Alishba offered money to him.

While mentioning the Pakistani model, Jahan with teary eyes said, “Today Alishba claims she was just a fan of Shami on Instagram, it was also alleged that I was handling that account. She came to the media saying all this, tomorrow she will claim that she is married to Shami. Will the society not question all this?”

Shami has been slapped with the charges of ‘domestic violence and attempt to murder’ on the basis of Jahan’s complaints. While Shami has till now maintained that all accusations against him are wrong and he blamed “a third party” conspiring for defaming him.