For healthy heart, use rice bran, mustard oils: docs

For healthy heart, use rice bran, mustard oils: docs

New Delhi: Cooking oils made from rice bran, mustard and olive are a healthier alternative for the heart than other oils, AIIMS doctors said on the occasion of World Heart Day today.

The doctors also advised that cooking oil should not be heated till it starts emitting smoke as this leads to production of trans fats, considered unhealthy for the heart.

“Balanced oils including rice bran, mustard and olive oils are good for cooking. Blends or combinations of these oils can be a good option,” said Professor Sundeep Mishra of the AIIMS cardiology department.

Balanced oils have less than 4 grams of saturated fat per tablespoon and no partially hydrogenated oils or trans fats.

Mustard oil is a also a good cooking option as it has less trans fats and a high smoking point, Mishra said.

He said repeated use of oil, especially for deep frying, is also bad for the heart because such oil content is mostly composed of trans fats, he said, citing the example of street food.

Prof Balram Tandon batted for ‘Rule Eighty’ to keep a healthy heart till the age of 80.

“One can have a healthy heart by following the Rule 80.

It involves maintaining the sugar level(mg), bad cholesterol (mg), diastolic lower blood pressure(mm Hg), heart rate, and waist girth(cm) all below 80. Besides, maintaining an average walk of 80 km per month,” he said.

In order to raise awareness against unhealthy food, AIIMS also conducted a public lecture on ‘Eat Healthy to Save Heart’ on the day.


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