Heart that beats in a backpack

Heart that beats in a backpack
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Out of so many blessings, we are favoured by God Almighty, one which we are so ignorant about is a good health, that is one of the greatest gifts one can have.

A person who is bestowed with a good health should be thankful as he can do his daily routine work without much effort. But what about those, who count their every single heartbeat and rely on an artificial heart.

Selwa Hussain carries her heart in a backpack. The 39-year-old is the second person in Britain to have an artificial heart that she carries everywhere. The bag weighs 15lb and consists of a battery-powered pump and electric motor inside.

The bag provides air through tubes to fill plastic chambers in Selwa’s chest, pushing blood across her body. Selwa is a mother of two children who had suffered heart failure and was operated in July 2017. The cost of this machinery is £86,000 ($116,000).