Height of Islamophobia: JNU to introduce a course on ‘Islamic Terrorism’

Height of Islamophobia: JNU to introduce a course on ‘Islamic Terrorism’

New Delhi: The Academic Council of the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) “passed” a proposal to set up a Centre for National Security Studies under which there would be a course on “Islamic Terrorism”. This was revealed by a professor who attended its meeting.

Many members reportedly opposed the topic ‘Islamic Terrorism’ so as to not club any religion with terrorism, and suggested to call the phenomenon ‘religious terrorism’. Those who opposed the proposal were not permitted to speak and the proposal was passed by the chair.

However, the members who supported it said that it was a globally accepted phenomenon and the majority of the cases (of terrorism) were associated with the religion.

JNU students are very much concerned due to a deeply problematic and shocking move. New Indian Express quoted the JNU Students Union president Geeta Kumari, as saying “This grotesque propaganda of Islamophobia in the name of academic courses is deeply problematic. It seems the RSS-BJP’s election propaganda material will be prepared through these courses rather than studying the nature of terrorism in general.”

Islamic terrorism is nothing but Islamophobia.

JNU Registrar and other officials have not made any clarification so far.

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