Hiring For Chief Financial Officer in Jeddah

Hiring For Chief Financial Officer in Jeddah
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Job Description:

• Develop finance policies and processes and ensure their effective implementation.
• Manage and supervise the day-to-day operations of the Accounting, Budgeting & Cost Control, and Procurement units, and ensure appropriate support is being provided to core functions enabling them to deliver their mandate.
• Responsible for the financial stability and sustainability of the company’s overall operations.


• Support the CEO in the development of the corporate strategy to achieve company’s strategic intent and achieve business objectives including generating revenue, achieving profitability and sustaining growth.
• Monitor the progress of plans, programs and initiatives of the Finance function and ensure they are implemented to achieve the desired outcomes.
• Monitor the Finance function performance against pre-set performance goals to ensure that progress is being made in the desirable direction and preventive/corrective actions are taken accordingly.
• Provide recommendations to the CEO on relevant financial requirements to implement business operations and activities, and ensure the optimal utilization of these financial resources.
• Responsible for establishing and maintaining a single and centralized Chart of Accounts to record all accounting allocations in order to maintain, classify and report the financial transactions of the company.
• Establish effective accounting procedures and control systems.
• Develop financial policies, procedures and guidelines for the company.

Operational Responsibilities:

• Oversee the analysis on budgets received from the various departments and prepare a consolidated budget.
• Monitor variances between budgeted and actual expenditures; and distribute reports to the respective directorate/department.
• Develop and maintain appropriate product level models to ensure adequate pricing coverage and enhance decision making.
• Monitor cash flow and report major deviations from the cash flow projection.
• Responsible for oversight of financial internal controls and coordination of all financial audits.
• Review the annual accounts and liaise with external auditors.
• Advise on contract negotiations from a financial impact perspective.
• Oversee the financial statements review process and provide feedback.
• Ensure that the company complies with all the relevant financial and statutory requirements.
• Keep up to date with financial reporting and accounting standards, relevant regulations and industry best practice.
• Maintain external relationships with banks, auditors, and third-party vendors.
• Perform any other duties and responsibilities as required.


• Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting, Business Administration or equivalent.
• CPA, CA, CMA or other similar or international professional qualifications are an added advantage.
• 10+ years of progressively responsible experience in the Finance and Accounting field for a major company or division of a large corporation within the Logistics/Warehousing sector, at least 3 of which in a Senior Strategic role.
• Preference will be given to candidates with the CA/CPA/ACCA/CMA Qualifications.
• Excellent communication skills are essential, particularly with regards to presenting the results of analyses to management.

About the Company:

Human Capital House was set up in the year 2013 with a vision to be a progressive talent acquisition partner for organizations within the local and regional market in the Middle East.

As international markets get ever demanding, corporations globally are presented with the challenges of attracting the right talent. Human capital retention and recruitment remain a critical factor to the success of any company. Strategic decision to recruit the right talent is a key issue to organization as wrong candidate selection can potentially be disastrous to their efficiency.

The critical aspect of choosing the right individual with the apt experience and knowledge becomes more crucial as he/she would need to share the ambitions of the employer, while fitting in to the new culture. Human Capital House has both the experience and expertise to help its clients make the right choice of selection. From understanding client requirements, through identifying and assessing the candidates, our systematic approach strives to ensure successful executive recruitment.

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