History is witness, both communities suffered during riots: Shakeel Ahmad

History is witness, both communities suffered during riots: Shakeel Ahmad
Shakeel Ahmad, Pic: ANI

New Delhi: After Congress leader and advocate Salman Khurshid had said that ‘Congress has blood on its hands for riots during Congress rule’; Another Congress member Shakeel Ahmad says ‘riots took place when Congress was in power’.

According to Ahmad, Congress government’s failures had triggered riots, while it was the success of BJP government, which became a cause of riots.

“Riots took place during Congress regimes also, but the explanation of different is important here. Failure of some Congress governments and its policies resulted in riots, on the other hand, it was always the success of BJP state governments and its policies that triggered riots in many other places, ” former AICC general secretary said.

Adding that “While some Congress governments failed to control riots, the BJP governments are guilty of presiding over state-sponsored riots as we saw in Gujarat. Even now, after BJP came to power, we have witnessed riots in many parts of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. That is why I say, the success of the BJP governments and its policies trigger riots,” he said.

“History also shows wherever riots happened, both communities suffered. Around 900 victims were Muslims and 300 Hindus in Bhagalpur riots. Whereas, in Bihar Sharif, around 150 Muslims and 50 Hindus died. Communal riots always brought calamity to all communities. It is a fact beyond politics,” he added as per a report by The Economic Times.

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