Homosexuality is a revolt against nature

Homosexuality is a revolt against nature

6 September 2018 was the black day when the Supreme Court legalized an unnatural act of homosexuality. It is not only against the law of nature but is detested by humans as well. It is unfortunate to note that one of the juries who gave the ruling was a woman.

The relationship without marriage which is called live-in relationship has been promoted for quite a few years and now the evil of homosexuality has been decriminalised. It will have a very negative and adverse effect in the society. It will end the difference between haram and halal, legal and illegal. Hence the evil should be nipped in the bud.

If such an evil becomes common, God forbid it may invoke Allah’s wrath and anger. The example of people of Lut (pbuh) is before us. When the perversity of the people of Sadum (Sodom) to whom Prophet Lut (PBUH) was sent, reached its fullest extent, they were destroyed by the disaster. The Quranic verses describe the destruction of this people as follows:
But the (mighty) Blast overtook them before morning, And We turned (the cities) upside down, and rained down on them brimstones hard as baked clay. Behold! in this are Signs for those who by tokens do understand. And the (cities were) right on the high-road. (Surat al-Hijr: 73-76)
When Our Decree issued, We turned (the cities) upside down, and rained down on them brimstones hard as baked clay, spread, layer on layer,-Marked as from thy Lord: Nor are they ever far from those who do wrong! (Surah Hud: 82-83)
But the rest We destroyed utterly. We rained down on them a shower (of brimstone): and evil was the shower on those who were admonished (but heeded not)! : Verily in this is a Sign: but most of them do not believe. And verily thy Lord is He, the Exalted in Might, Most Merciful. (Surat ash-Shuara: 172-175)

Already the incurable disease like AIDS is already spreading like a plague. According to the new report, new HIV infections are rising in around 50 countries. In this scenario, God knows what unnatural sex will have its effect on the young generation.

Let us pray Allah to keep us and all our loved ones guided, protected and enveloped in His Highest Mercy, shielded and away from such Satanic vices. Ameen ya rabbil alameen.

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