Hoult cures hangover through cold water

Hoult cures hangover through cold water

Actor Nicholas Hoult says he cures his hangovers by dunking his head in cold water.

The “X-Men: Apocalypse” actor shot to fame as party boy Tony Stonem in TV drama “Skins” when he was just 16. But Hoult, now 27, can’t party like he used to and tries to avoid going on set with a hangover, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

“It’s not like when I was in ‘Skins’. Now I’m older I realise that I’m working and if I’m not on point, I can’t do it, my brain isn’t up to speed,” Hoult told MrPorter.com.

Revealing his icy hangover cure, he added: “Run a sink of cold water, fill it with ice, then stick your head in it.”

Hoult prefers a night wearing his comfortable bathrobe and indulging in his favourite hobby of cooking.

“A friend just bought me a bathrobe so now I’m obsessed with putting on my bathrobe. Just mooching around about in it, making a coffee.”