How Imran Khan inspired MTV presenter to accept Islam?

NEW DELHI: Former MTV presenter Kristiane Backer who became a Muslim in 1995 appreciates Imran Khan, the newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan who actually inspired her in becoming a Muslim.

Backer, who was a presenter with MTV Europe in the early 1990s talks about her journey to Islam, how Imran introduced her to Islam and influenced her decision to become a Muslim.

COURTESY OF KRISTIANE BACKER. (Backer interviews Irish singer-songwriter Bob Geldof during her time as an MTV Europe presenter.)

A very popular, award-winning MTV VJ turned evangelist praised Imran saying the Cricket star brought her to Islam – “yes, Imran was my Islam teacher,” Backer said in an interview with Ammara Ahmad in 2014.

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“He did his dawah on me and I became a Muslim, Alhamdullilah.”

Imran gave me the greatest gift I have ever been given in life, that is my faith.

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