This is how Yemen punishes 3 killer pedophiles

This is how Yemen punishes 3 killer pedophiles

SANAA: Disturbing pictures and videos of three men from Yemen’s Sana’a hanging from a crane have flooded the social media platforms.

According to TimesNow reports, the three pedophiles were identified as Abdul Jalil al-Ashhab (19), Mohammed Said al-‘Uqri (27), and Ghaleb al-Rashdi (19) convicted of abducting, raping and strangulating a 10-year-old boy Mosad Saleh al-Mothana.

Surrounded by Yemeni soldiers, the trio dressed in blue overalls handcuffed and forced to lie face down on a mat and shot five times in the heart.

After being executed on Wednesday, the corpses were lifted into the air by a crane and hanged publicly and display a large number of onlookers as punishment sending across the toughest warning to the offenders who dared commit such brutal offenses.

Yemen, south of Saudi Arabia,

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