Hyderabad: 4-yr-old girl tortured by her parents, mother arrested

A four-year-old girl from Hyderabad was tortured by her own mother and her father. The girl said that she was tortured with a hot iron spoon and beaten up by her parents.

“My daddy hit me first and pressed the hot iron spoon on me,” said the girl.

During a police investigation, it was found that the mother and her lover used to show their frustration on the child as the differences grew up between the two.

The neighbours informed a local MLA and an NGO about the ongoing torture following which the girl was rescued after the MLA then roped in the police.

“The child was in a bad shape, beaten up black and blue. Seeing the condition of the child, I have decided to take care of her education and other expenses,” said the MLA.

The mother who resides in the Moosarambagh has been arrested by the police while her husband is absconding.

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