Hyderabad: Another scam of wakf land busted

Hyderabad: Another scam of wakf land busted
Haj House Telangana, Pic via TNM

Hyderabad: Police is investigating about the genuineness of the letter issued by CEO of Wakf Board declaring wakf property at Malkajri as private land.

The interesting thing is that in revenue records, Survey Number 4 is registered as wakf land whereas Wakf Board has no record of it. Under Dargah Hazrat Meer Mahmood, more than 300-acre land is registered as Wakf land in Malkajgiri area. Due to the connivance of the Wakf Board Officials and Wakf Mafia, the lands were illegally possessed.

Siasat Urdu Daily exposed the conspiracy and published the letter issued by CEO. Based on this letter, Commissioner of Printing had published a gazette notification on 17th August 2017 declaring four acres and five guntas wakf land as private. The case has been entrusted to police for investigation.

Meanwhile, another land scam came to limelight. It reveals that lands in survey numbers 647, 392/3, 392/4 and 392/6 have been registered as wakf properties in Revenue Records but in the gazette notification published in 1989, there is no mention of these survey numbers. In the Gazette survey number 648, 659 and 660 have been declared as private properties. The land included in survey number 647 has not been included in the gazette notification whereas it is clear that it is a Wakf property. In the records of the Wakf Board, survey number 392/1 has been mentioned in the Gazette but other 3 survey numbers under it have not been mentioned. In this manner, there is a discrepancy between Wakf and Revenue Records.

Normally, revenue officials refuse to accept certain lands as wakf properties but it is a reverse case in this matter. Four survey numbers are recorded as Wakf Properties in revenue records but there is no mention of these survey numbers in the Gazette. Now, the question is which record should be treated as correct. It is suspected that wakf mafia must have manipulated the wakf gazette to drop these survey numbers.

The local residents believe that if a complete survey of wakf properties belonging to Dargah Hazrat Meer Mehmood is made and if Wakf Board Officials take the interest, many such cases would come to limelight.

–Siasat News