Hyderabad: Arif Muhammed grilled for sharing anti-Modi ‘Padmavati’ post

Hyderabad: Arif Muhammed grilled for sharing anti-Modi ‘Padmavati’ post

Hyderabad: A post related to Padmavati row on Facebook has landed a Hyderabadi law student in the interrogation room.

The 21-year-old Arif Muhammed, studying the fourth year of law is a resident of Banjara Hills was reportedly picked up by alleged police personnel from a function at Guddimalkapur in Mehdipatnam.

The only so-called ‘crime’ that has landed Arif for 17 hours of interrogation was that he shared an article by Catch News, about famous Ram Subramaniam’s Facebook post that declared a reward of Rs 1 lakh who would throw a chappal or a shoe at Prime Minister Modi.

The post on Facebook was in response to the bold and shameless rewards of the right-wing group activists against the actress Deepika and Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali, for making the movie which has allegedly ‘distorted’ the Rajput Queen –Padmavati.

Speaking to the new sources, Arif said, “I was interrogated through the night and I explained to police that I had only shared an article posted on a website. They wanted to know if I had written the article and I clarified to them that I did not.”

He added that after hours of interrogation by the people who picked him up left Arif at Gacchibowli Police Station.

Ram Subramaniam is a famous icon of Facebook, a filmmaker and advertising professional who is reportedly known for his online efforts to unite the two nations through videos on social media and who also shot the Kargil Martyr’s daughter Gurmehar Kaur famous video asking for peace. He has a huge fan following on social media for his eye-opening articles, which attracts the young generation. His official page Voice of Ram is followed by thousands of people.

It was later that Professor has given his explanation about the sarcastic post he wrote on 25 November which read, “Dear all, Thank you for the support. Thank you for those who publicly support me. Thank you to those who let me know in private… you are both very important to me. Since I made the offer of 1 lakhs rupees to throw a chappal at PM Modi it broke a wall of fear within some people who saw the message. I wish I didn’t have to do it, I don’t like speaking in a language this crass but unfortunately, some ‘leaders’ see politeness as weakness and niceness as a cue to ignore the message. I don’t intend to play nice all the time, anymore. Since I posted the offer, some more people have stepped forward and posted their own offers; rewards to those who will throw chappals at PM Modi (none of it is covered by mass media as expected).”