Hyderabad: BJP MLA Raja Singh makes inciting speech during “Shobha Yatra”

Hyderabad: BJP MLA Raja Singh makes inciting speech during “Shobha Yatra”
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Hyderabad: The Hindus of India will not keep quiet till the country becomes a Hindu State. The struggle will continue till “Ram Rajya” is established. These thoughts were expressed by Kalicharan Maharaj of Indore who was addressing “Shobha Yatra” in Hyderabad which was taken out on the occasion of Rama Navami. He advised the Hindus to follow the footsteps of Shivaji and Veer Savarkar. He predicted that by 2023, India will become a Hindu State and the steps taken to make India a Hindus State will never be stopped at any cost. He bitterly criticized Congress party and told that it created Pakistan in 1947 on the basis of religion. Due to Congress, India became a secular country. Had it not followed this policy, India would have become a Hindu State.

BJP MLA of Gosha Mahal, Raja Singh continued his inciting speech and criticized the earlier governments. He said that previous governments acted on their whims and fancies but it will not happen in BJP Govt.

It may be mentioned that two days back, Raja Singh had given an open challenge to the police to impose a ban on DJ during the procession. He hoped that in 2019 BJP will form the Govt. with thumping majority and Ram Temple would be constructed. In his speech, he also used the words “Baber’s progeny” and other terms. He alleged that KCR is playing dirty politics.

Shobha Yatra started from Sitaram Bagh Temple which passed through Mangalhat, Jumerat Bazar, Begum Bazar and reached Gouliguda. Police had made elaborate arrangements. It had practically converted the area into a police cantonment. Masajid falling on the route of the procession were covered with curtains. Additional CCTV cameras were installed on the route of the procession.

–Siasat News