Hyderabad: Boy missing in Old City found in 1 hour by police

Bilal Syed, a 4-year-old boy who went missing from Esra Hospital at 1.40 pm, was found later wandering far from the hospital premises, by a police patrol car. He went missing for over an hour before being found.

Bilal’s uncle, Syed Khadeen said, “It was during prayer time. The family was in the hospital. Bilal was playing but later wandered off. We realized almost immediately and started searching the premises of the hospital. However, we could not find him.”

“Stressed out and worried we came back home heartbroken, one hour later we but we received a call after from the police who informed us that our child was there. We are thankful to the Hyderabad police for finding him.” Said Bilal’s uncle.

After checking the authentication, police returned Bilal to his family.