Hyderabad : Cold winds blow in Telangana, Temperatures dip to record low

Hyderabad : Cold winds blow in Telangana, Temperatures dip to record low

Hyderabad: Several parts of Telangana are under the grip of cold wave conditions with the minimum in Adilabad recording 3.8 degrees Celsius on early morning today during this season. Temperatures might dip further in the coming days, according to India Meteorological Department.

According to article published in Telangana Today, Bhadrachalam too recorded a chilling 12.2 degrees Celsius — the coldest the area has seen in the last 10 years. Previously, it recorded 12.5 degrees Celsius on December 22 in 2010. In Medak, the temperature fell to 8.3 degrees Celsius, making it the second district in the State where the temperatures dipped to single digit. But, the all-time record for Medak was 6.9 degrees Celsius on December 11, 1981.

Chief Meteorologist at Skymet, Mahesh Palawat told that “Over the past two days, there has been torrential flow of cold winds from the Himalayas towards the southern tip of the peninsula. These winds circumvented parts of Central India and are affecting coastal Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Telangana.”

The drop in temperature has affected the normal life in habitations in the plains area of the district and in villages located on hilltops and other places of higher altitudes. The villages located at the foot of hills, however, have escaped the cold wave to a greater extent as they are protected by the lee of the hillocks.

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Experts from India Meteorological Department’s (IMD) Hyderabad office said the temperatures would continue to remain low for the next 48 hours. “Currently, the State is experiencing cold conditions and it would continue for the next two days. People should be ready to brave the cold,” Dr K Naga Ratna, head of forecasting, IMD Hyderabad, said. The weather in the State has not dipped so much in the recent past, she added.

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For Hyderabad City, It will continue to reel under cold conditions for the next 48 hours, say meteorologists. On Tuesday, the city registered a chilling minimum of 12.5 degrees, which officials said was the coldest this year. “The temperature in the city on Tuesday is record-breaking as it is the coldest this year. For the next 48-72 hours the temperatures would continue to drop,” said Dr Ratna.