Hyderabad: Construction work at Shahgunj Masjid creates tension, police deployed

Hyderabad: Construction work at Shahgunj Masjid creates tension, police deployed
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Hyderabad: Situation became tense when the construction work near Madina Masjid in Shahgunj started. It may be mentioned that conflict has been going on the Wakf land which is under the masjid. Meanwhile, the organizers of Dundigal Vyayamshala got the orders from High Court for erecting the temporary shed. It created tension in the area. Heavy platoons of police were deployed. Police warned the people that they should not stage any protest or form groups.

Masjid committee stated that the construction work is being planned on the Wakf land belonging to Masjid. It is reported that High Court permitted only for the erecting only temporary shed. It did not permit permanent construction.

Mr. Anwar Rasheed, President, Mr. Sirajul Hasan, Secretary, Mr. Syed Zahid, Mr. Shakeel Ahmed and other members of the Masjid committee stated that all the formalities to file a contempt of court petition have been completed. The matter was also referred to Wakf Board. The committee is of the opinion that 91 square yards of land belong to Masjid whereas the other group states that it has bought 33 sq. yards of land from Housing Board which is illegal. All these records would be produced in the court of law. Under the pretext of the land acquired from Housing Board, attempts are being made to usurp Wakf land belonging to Masjid for permanent construction. This case is pending for the past 25 years. Now, the police is advising the local residents to maintain peace otherwise dire consequences would occur.

The local residents have high hopes with Wakf Board that it would take up the case in the court to get the land belonging to Masjid released.

Inspector of Police, Husaini Alam, Mr. Shyam Sunder told that police is obeying the orders of the court. According to him, the court has given permission only for erecting the temporary shed. No one would be allowed to violate court orders.

Police patrolling has increased in the area.

–Siasat News