Hyderabad: Cordon & Search in Old city to flush out criminals

Hyderabad: Cordon & Search in Old city to flush out criminals

South Zone Police altogether 300 Police Officers Addl. DCP, ACP Charminar and Santoshnagar conducted Cordon and Search Operation at Allah Masjid, Dal Mandi, under the limits of PS Bahadurpura, Kamatipura and Ganga nagar nala, Ajah khan zehra, under the limits of PS Santoshnagar between 05:00 hrs to 08:30 hrs on Thursday to curtail the criminal activities of local gangs and to create sense of security in the minds of the locality people.

Till date South Zone police conducted Cordon and search operation at 33 different places and more 15 places yet to be conducted.

During this Operation with the help of “HYDCOPS” application (C-DAT) 14 rowdies and 3 different gangs (12 members) of Dal Mandi were taken into custody. With available resource and local intelligence, we came to know that they in contact with the rowdies. Police are verifying their complicity. Forty vehicles (38 two wheelers, 02-Autos) without proper documents were taken into custody for verification of the documents with the assistance of the Traffic wing.

During the search operation four swords (Jambia) were recovered from the open area of Dal Mandi, it seems to be that, on seeing police, someone has thrown and speed away. Cordon and operation was conducted without causing any disturbance to the civics by Geo-Tagging the targeted person addresses.

While addressing the media, V. Satyanarayana IPS, Dy. Commissioner of Police, South Zone, said the operation is conducted to stop the Stabbing cases reporting in South Zone. Rowdy/Suspect’s sheets will be opened on such persons and surveillance will be kept on their activities. During Late nights, some unknown persons creating nuisance by forming Gangs in area wise like Ganganagar nala, Agah Khan Zehra, Dal mandi.

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