Hyderabad: Divorce by husband deprives wife “Haj” pilgrimage

Hyderabad: Divorce by husband deprives wife “Haj” pilgrimage

Hyderabad: In an unpleasant incident, a man divorced his wife just two days before their scheduled flight for Haj pilgrimage.

According to the details of the incident, the wife had borne the expenses of Haj pilgrimage of herself and her husband. Their flights were scheduled to take off on 7th August. A few days before the scheduled flight, husband divorced his wife which resulted in the deprivation of her opportunity to perform Haj.

It may be mentioned that according to Islamic Sharia, no woman can perform haj without Mehram. Although, this provision has been relaxed by Govt. of India but the condition is that a group of 4 women can perform haj even without Mehram.

It is reported that the wife and husband were quarreling for some time. The wife had expected that Haj pilgrimage would soften the heart of her husband but her expectation was not fulfilled due to the unpleasant step taken by her husband.

TS Haj Committee referred the case to Jamia Nizamia for getting an opinion. Jamia Nizamia opined that by pronouncing the word “Talaq” three times, divorce has already taken place and the woman cannot leave her house before the expiry of the period of “Iddat” which is three months.

TS Haj Committee was forced to cancel their seats for Haj pilgrimage.

–Siasat News

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