Hyderabad: Ex-classmate sends morphed photos of girl to her father, demands money

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Hyderabad: Special Operation Team of Hyderabad City Police arrested three persons who had posted objectionable photographs of a girl on the cellphone of her father and demanded Rs. 5 crore from him.

DCP Mr. Avinash Mohanty informed that a Special Police Team was constituted taking immediate action on the complaint received from a resident of Himayatnagar. Police arrested three persons, Manika Vineet (25), a resident of Nizamabad, Daggu Ganesh (25), a resident of Mancherial and Gollapally Mahesh (27), a resident of Kareem Nagar.

It is reported that on 9th August, they posted a few morphed photographs of the girls on the cellphone of her father and threatened that if Rs. 5 crore is not paid to them, these photographs would be uploaded on the social media and the entire family will be wiped out.

According to the report of the police, the girl and Vineet were classmates in 2015 in Event Academy. They became friends. Seeing the lifestyle of the girl, Vineet developed greed. He connived with two miscreants photographers and make them part of his conspiracy. They got the photograph of the girl from Facebook.

Police called the accused persons under the pretext of giving money and nabbed them.