Hyderabad: Homeless beggars to be accommodated in prisons

Hyderabad: Homeless beggars to be accommodated in prisons
Pic: Telangana Today

Hyderabad: A good news has brought shelter to about 500 homeless beggars in the empty premises of city prisons. This move is the first-of-its-kind initiative in India that is taken by Telangana State Prisons Department.

Both male and female will be accommodated in the Chanchalguda and Cherlapally Central Prisons, reports Telangana Today.

Begging in Hyderabad’s streets to major traffic signals has become a menace for commuters. Beggars of all ages can be seen tapping on riders’ shoulders during the red signal.

V.K. Singh, Director General of Prisons and Correctional Services, said that begging is an issue of human rights violation that leads to trafficking of women and children by professional racketeers who also harm the young ones.

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“Some take this as a profession for earning easy money. It also projects a poor image of the city. However, there are some genuine beggars who can’t sustain themselves,” Singh said, adding that only about 20 percent of beggars in the city are genuine.

On the request of an NGO, Abhipraay Welfare Society, Singh had written to the Chief Secretary to rehabilitate beggars on an experimental basis.

‘Professional’ beggars who run away from the shelter homes would be arrested as per the Prevention of Begging Act, Singh said.