Hyderabad: Hooliganism of cow vigilantes triggers tension in Moazzam Jahi Market area

Hyderabad: In Moazzam Jahi Market area of Hyderabad city, tension prevailed when cow vigilantes started protesting against the transportation of cattle.

According to the details of the incident, when the cattle were being transported, the vigilantes stopped the vehicle and allegedly started beating. The surprising thing is that the incident took place near the police check post.

Within no time, hundreds of protestors gathered at the spot. Seeing the huge crowd, police commissioned extra force.

Police brought the situation under control within no time.

It is reported that two animals were being transported in an auto rickshaw. One of them got off the vehicle. During getting it back on to the vehicle, a large number of crowd gathered around it. Although, the police squad had accompanied the vehicle but it failed to control the situation. There are reports that at various places in the city, cow vigilantes are making an attempt to stop the vehicles carrying animals.

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