Hyderabad: Man detained for hoax call to PM

Hyderabad: Man detained for hoax call to PM

The police arrested a person, who made a hoax call on November 28 on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and American President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump’s visit to Hyderabad.

The police detained the person on the basis of IP address. The person made the phone call to the DGP office on November 28 at 9.45 pm saying he placed a bomb at Falaknuma Palace. The police found that the call was a hoax one. Modi and Ivanka were at Falaknuma Palace when the police received hoax call.

Police said the hoax call was received by 108-EMRI on Tuesday at 8.43 pm. The person spoke in an incoherent confused manner that a bomb was planted in the Falaknuma Palace. In turn, the EMRI informed the same to the Control Rooms of all concerned wings about the subject. Immediately, the police verified and found that the call originated from one Bontha Yellaiah aged 60 years son of Gandaiah, a resident of Moula Ali in Rachakonda police Commissionerate.

The entire Falaknuma Palace was meticulously checked in the last three days and handed it over to law and order police and the place was being watched by police through 150 CC Cameras. Hence the police did not get panicked and done basic verification. Within a short time, police traced the miscreant, took into custody and confirmed him to be insane and suffering from acute mental disorder.

Police said previously a case under 23 of Mental Health Act was registered against him at Malkajgiri. The caller was verified and came to know that he was psychologically disordered. Recently he was sent to the Erragada Mental Hospital by the Malkajgiri Police in Cr. No. 796/2017 U/sec 23 of Mental Health Act and he was under treatment from October 28 to November 24 in Erragadda Hospital. (NSS)

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