Hyderabad: Man kills his friend for the sake of a woman

Hyderabad: Man kills his friend for the sake of a woman
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Hyderabad: In Machintal village of Shamsabad, a burnt dead body of a man was formed. This was disclosed by DCP of Shamsabad Ms. PV Padmaja Reddy while addressing a press conference on 26th December.

According to the details, Mahesh Goud and Ramesh were neighbours and friends. Ramesh developed a relationship with another neighbouring woman in Dhoolpet Area. The slain Mahesh Goud also had a friendship with the same woman. Ramesh and Mahesh fought many a time for the sake of this woman. However, when the husband of the woman came to know of his wife’s relations with Ramesh, he shifted his residence to another place.
Ramesh planned to take revenge with Mahesh. He hired a car on 24th December in which Ramesh, Mahesh, Naresh and Shiva travelled together. They went to Kartal for offering puja in the temple. On the return journey, as per the plan, Ramesh bought wine and made the slain drink heavily.

On their way back to Hyderabad, Ramesh killed Mahesh by slitting his throat. Later, he set the dead body of Mahesh on fire.

Police arrested Ramesh from the service centre. They also arrested other two persons whereas the 4th person, Yadaiah who had concealed the blood-stained clothes at a secret place, was also arrested.

Police seized four cellphone, a knife, a bike and a car. Police also awarded a cash prize to a boy who assisted the police in resolving the murder case.

–Siasat News

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