Hyderabad merger _ A dark chapter in India’s history: Intellectuals

Hyderabad merger _ A dark chapter in India’s history: Intellectuals
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Hyderabad: Condemning the venom spitting against Muslim rulers despite their innumerable favours, a debate was held at Urdu Maskan, Khilwat by All India Tameer-e-Millat. The debate entitled ‘Is celebrating liberation day on September 17 justified?’ was addressed by Mr. Ziauddin Nayyar acting president All-India Tameer-e-Millat, JIH Telangana president Maulana Hamed Mohammed Khan, Dr. Kolleru Chiranjeevi, Capt. Lingala Pandu Ranga Reddy, Prof. Surepally Sujata, social activist O Samba Siva Rao, Iqbal Ahmed Engineer, Shaukat Ali Khan, Saifur Raheem Qureshi.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Ziauddin Nayyar said that fascist forces were active in Telangana region even before the merger of Hyderabad in Indian union and had begun spreading hatred against Muslim rulers. While the fact was that 85 pc of the population of the state who was non-Muslims was seen standing in favour of their Muslim rulers. He said Hyderabad merger is a dark chapter in India’s history which can never be forgotten.

Captain Pandu Ranga Reddy claimed that the government told lies in the Security Council. An 11-member committee was formed in Security Council for approval of Hyderabad merger of which 9 members favoured Asif Jahi government while 2 members remained silent which proved that none of the countries favoured India.

O Samba Siva Rao said September 17 was the day of forced occupation of Hyderabad state. BJP declared it as liberation day to provoke Muslims.

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