‘Hyderabad’ or ‘Bhagyanagar’: Here’s what residents of Hyderabad say

‘Hyderabad’ or ‘Bhagyanagar’: Here’s what residents of Hyderabad say

Hyderabad: Recently, Raja Singh said that “Earlier, Hyderabad was Bhagyanagar and in 1590 Quli Qutub Shah came to Hyderabad, he changed Bhagyanagar to Hyderabad. At that time many Hindus were attacked, many temples destroyed. We are planning to rename Hyderabad. In Telangana, BJP will win in majority and then our first aim will be developing the state and second objective will be renaming Hyderabad as Bhagyanagar”. “We will also change the names of Secunderabad and Karimnagar,” he told ANI.

Singh further stated that the areas named after Mughals and Nizams will be changed and kept after the persons who fought for Telangana and for the country.

Responding to Raja Singh’s statement, Senior Congress leader, Renuka Chaudhary said, “What he is thinking? Will such dialogues fetch votes?”

She further said, ‘We are proud Hyderabadis, Who is Raja Singh? He should go and change his name instead, no one will object’.

In order to know what Hyderabad residents think about the proposal, Telangana Today asked their views on the issue.

Responding to the proposal, many residents of Hyderabad said that changing the name of Hyderabad to Bhagyanagar is unnecessary.

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