Hyderabad: Police cracks down robbery case within 6 hours

Hyderabad: Police cracks down robbery case within 6 hours
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Hyderabad: Narayanguda Police resolved Rs. 1.26 crore robbery case within 6 hours arresting 5 thieves.

Mr. V. V. Srinivas Rao, Commissioner of Hyderabad City Police, giving the details of the case told that the gold merchant, Rajinder alias Raju Bhai’s employee Sunil Mane lodged a complaint in which he had stated that he had gone to Skyline Apartment in Basheer Bagh under the instructions from his employer Raju Bhai to purchase gold ornaments where Praveen Kumavat alias Tinu works as a cook in the flat. Kumavat’s companions Kunal Yadav, Sri Hari Yadav, J. Pramesh and Kushal Yadav made a plan to loot the amount. Swapnal and his two companions who were carrying Rs. 1.26 crore in the bag was robbed of the money by the culprits in the lift and all of them had fled away. In order to divert the attention of the police, they had changed their clothes.

Police taking the clue from CCTV cameras fitted in the area, identified the thieves and arrested them within 6 hours. Police also recovered the amount looted.

Commissioner of Police told that police was able to identify the thieves with the help of CCTV cameras.

–Siasat News