Hyderabad: Police nabs co-accuse Rajesh in murder plan

Hyderabad: Police nabs co-accuse Rajesh in murder plan

Hyderabad: After the duo that carried out a movie inspired murder plan of Swati’s husband Sudhakar Reddy, the NagarKurnool Police has today nabbed co-accused Rajesh Ajjakolu while main accuse Swati was arrested four days ago after she broke and confessed her crime.

M Sudhakar Reddy who was killed on November 26 and the accused duo after hacking him to death hid his dead body. It was the non-vegeterian soup served to Rajesh that has uncovered the murder.

Victim Sudhakar’s wife Swati and Rajesh were in an illicit relationship and had decided to hack Sudhakar to death to stay together.

Rajesh a physiotherapist was caught after a nonvegetarian soup was served to him at the hospital while he was undergoing his face’s plastic surgery that has been purposely burnt to pass him as deceased Sudhakar.

Nabbed Rajesh revealed that Swati was the mastermind behind the murder of her husband.

He said, “I wanted to elope with Swati but she insisted that we kill Sudhakar Reddy as the children will not be able to stay without her. She also said that her parents will die of shock if they elope.”

The duo killed Sudhakar on 26 November and later lit a scarf doused in petrol and placed it on Rajesh’s face to disfigure it beyond recognition, reports DC.

Rajesh was then rushed to a private hospital where the doctors told Sudhakar’s family that the victim needs a plastic surgery.

After growing suspicious about Rajesh, Sudhakar’s family registered a complaint with the Police who on confronting Swati admitted to her husband’s murder.

“We will produce Rajesh before a court and remand him. After taking him into police custody we will find out who played a vital role in the entire case,” said an official of Nagarkurnool police.

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