Hyderabad: Ten pending traffic challans may land you in jail – Check your traffic violations

Hyderabad: Ten pending traffic challans may land you in jail – Check your traffic violations
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Hyderabad Traffic Police had a busy night as they check drunk drivers during New Year celebration in Hyderabad. A milling crowd of people in Hyderabad welcomed New Year 2018 as the clock struck midnight on Monday. Fireworks lit up the sky over the city as new year celebrations kicked in with an extravagant display of lights and colour. (Pics. Laeeq)

Hyderabad: Violators of traffic rules can land in jail if there are more than 10 challans pending against them.

According to the report published in DC, on Thursday, 14 traffic violators landed in jail for a day. Ten traffic challans were pending against them.

It is also reported that vehicle driver will be allowed to pay fines if the pending challans are less than 5.

Justify the initiative, an official of traffic police told that daily they impose around 10000 challans, out of which nearly 8000 pay it immediately. Few among them try to escape without paying.

Talking on this, DCP of Traffic Police, Mr. A.V. Ranganath told that if more than 10 traffic challans are pending against vehicle driver, charge sheet will be produced against him/her. He further said that such traffic violator’s vehicle will be seized.

It may be mentioned that the common traffic violations are improper parking, jumping signals and crossing stop lines.

Reacting to the decision, Mr. Vinod Kumar Kanumala, Chief Functionary of the Indian Federation of Road Safety said that although the initiative is good, Hyderabad Traffic Police should have correct data as people even get traffic challans two to three years after selling their vehicle. He added that data is not updated regularly, DC reported.

Here is how to check your list of traffic violations:

  1. Visit the official website of Telangana State Police Integrated EE-challanSystem (Click here).
  2. Enter your vehicle number and Captcha
  3. Finally, click on “Go” button to get the list of your traffic violations.