Iconic Star Marilyn Monroe returning back to life

Iconic Star Marilyn Monroe returning back to life

The famous iconic star Marilyn Monroe is all set to return to her fans if the reports are believed to be true.

Well, the iconic star who died at the age of 36 from drug overdose will be brought to life digitally with the latest technology using the ‘digital double’.

According to the reports, a new movie is on the charts with Marilyn double and the latest cutting-edge technology.

The Marilyn double is 41-year-old model cum actress Suzie Kennedy have spent hours for her body and face to be turned into digital avatar by famous Pinewood studious. She will be playing the role of the troubled star in the upcoming movie.

The actress had to undergo full face and body scan, in front of 181 cameras to get every inch of her get clicked adding up to overall 3000 snaps. Another 60 cameras were used to capture her facial expressions, DC reports.

Amanda Darby, Pinewood 3D head is working on Suzie. To turn the model into digital avatar markings were used on her face and body. Then comes the motion capture session which was done by Phil Stilgoe of Centroid. Suzie’s movements were mapped after she had performed the movements wearing bodysuit with a helmet and camera.

London Producer and writer Chris Ongaro teamed up with another writer Kim Fuller who has worked for Spice Girls movie for this Marilyn project.

Suzie, who had appeared in a cameo in Bladerunner 2049 as Marilyn, said: ‘’I love the bravery of using the technology to make a film like this. It will be brilliant to have her on screen again.’’

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