I’m innocent, nobody asked my side of story: Vikas Barala after bail

I’m innocent, nobody asked my side of story: Vikas Barala after bail

After releasing on bail on Saturday; Vikas Barala, the accused of ‘Varnika Kundu case’, in a video stated that he is completely innocent. He asserted that he was targeted to malign his father’s political image, who is the state president of a political party.

Addressing the people Vikas says “You all have been hearing a lot of talk about me. First and foremost, I would like to tell you that I am completely innocent. All charges levelled against me are false and baseless. In reality, I am myself a victim in this case.”

He says that no one had asked his side of the story saying: “In these past five months, not once was I asked what were the real facts. Many people believed that I am guilty.”

“My father is the state president of a political party and many political parties for this very reason are targeting me in an effort to tarnish his political image,” Vikas adds.

Referring to his family’s distress over the last five months, he says, “I have no words to express the gravity of the torture, mental torture, my mother, my sister, my family and my near and dear ones have gone through in these five months, the trauma they have suffered, the unbearable pain they have had to bear.”

“My father could not meet me or my lawyer, lest people start accusing a father of unduly helping his son,” he further claims in the video.

Supporting his stand on being wrongly targeted, Vikas reiterates: “There are no charges of eve-teasing or molestation against me either in the FIR or in the court. These are all false and baseless, they are all rumours.”

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