Imam of Kaaba gives important advice to ‘social media users’

Imam of Kaaba gives important advice to ‘social media users’

Makkah: Imam of Kaaba, Shaik Saleh bin Hameed gives important advice to the Muslims of the world who are active on social media. He asked them not to waste time in indulging in trivial activities and posting negative comments.

He also said that social media need not be given undue importance. Every Muslim is answerable to Allah (SWT) for the single moment he/she spends during his/her lifetime

He applauded the efforts of social networking sites for innovative services they offer to mankind but their misuse is deplorable.

He delivered his sermon on “Holidays and importance of time management”. He proposed that the positive aspects of social websites should be highlighted through deep analysis.

He further told that social websites are unique blessings, they have many advantages. They have reduced distances but wasting time is a great loss for which every human being has to be accounted for. Islam lays emphasis on utilizing time for constructive purposes. He invited all the Muslims to create social websites for the benefit of human beings. He also told that Allah (SWT) will question the human beings about the resources at their disposal.


–Siasat News

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