Imran Khan goes on Twitter tirade against Abbasi

Imran Khan goes on Twitter tirade against Abbasi

New Delhi: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan in series of tweets lambasted Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi for his recent remarks claiming that horse trading and money played a key role in the outcome of the recent Senate elections.

“So now PM Abbasi is crying abt horse-trading & money deciding Senate elections! If his party was so concerned why didn’t they support PTI’s proposals to change Senate election format to prevent exactly these shenanigans?” the PTI chief tweeted.

Following his tweet, Khan posted a list of four questions over Abbasi’s statements and asked him to clarify whether the Prime Minister felt a money launderer should be above the law because of “some imagined ongoing development”.

“4 Qs for PM Abbasi after his histrionics yesterday 1: How cld Panama case & it’s verdict have derailed development when it indicted NS for money laundering? Does PM Abbasi feel a money launderer shd be above the law bec of some imagined ongoing development?” he tweeted.

Khan also attacked the Prime Minister for ignoring the corruption in the ruling party.

“Does PM Abbasi regard the debilitating USD 10 billion money laundering per year that is destroying Pakistan a non-issue?” Imran asked in another tweet.

Earlier on Saturday, Abbasi said, “An election where votes were sold and purchased got us a chairman who was not known in the political circles before. It is sad to have such a person as chairman of the Senate, an institution that represents the federation.” (ANI)