India’s poverty etched in ‘Homeland’ star’s memory

India’s poverty etched in ‘Homeland’ star’s memory

London: English actor Jake Weber visited India when he was a child, and said he saw poverty, hardship and sickness in the country.

The actor, known for ‘The Blacklist’ and ‘Homeland’, hopes things have changed since then.

“I was in India when I was eight years old. My mother was living with a holy man somewhere in the mountains. And I have not been to India since then,” Weber told.

His memories of the country are rather grim.

“I remember, as a child and I hope it is very different now, but as a child I remember there was a lot of visible poverty, hardship and sickness and people on the streets. It was very sad,” he added.

The actor has worked in films like ‘Dawn of the Dead’, ‘Into My Heart’, ‘Meet Joe Black’, ‘White House Down’, ‘U-571’ and ‘Learning to Drive’, which was aired in India earlier this month.