Instant justice: Saudi man abandons mother, wife abandons him

Instant justice: Saudi man abandons mother, wife abandons him

Saudi Arabia: A 29-year-old Saudi man went in shock when his wife approached the court for divorce despite her husband being very caring and cordial towards her.

She admitted in the court that her husband looked after her very caringly and never denied anything which she aspired for. She also said that her husband took her to foreign trips too.

When the Judge asked her the reason for applying for divorce, the woman replied that “I can never trust a man who does everything for his wife while he denies even a small favor to his mother.”

She also further added that “A man who is not good to his own mother cannot be trusted. He may turn his back on me anytime in the future.”

Her husband asked her “Didn’t I abandon my own family for you?” In reply the wife said that “Yes, and this is the very reason I want divorce from you.”

The woman also returned the dowry given by her husband and the divorce was granted by the Judge.

While granting divorce to the couple, the Judge said that “This is not correct. A man must put his family, especially his mother, above everything else.”

The Judge also said that his wife was not happy because he did more favors to her than to the woman who gave him birth, brought him up and sacrificed her own life for his happiness.