Internet goes gaga over this cat-loving Samurai

Internet goes gaga over this cat-loving Samurai

New Delhi: Seems like the internet has got its latest muse in a fictional cat-loving Samurai.

Though the TV show featured the said cat-loving Samurai premiered in 2014, the latest pictures of the said military man with a white fluffy cat have taken the internet by a storm.

When the newly enamoured fans started sharing the pictures, existing fans joined in the conversation to share their love for the show.

One user wrote, “What is this glorious thing and where can I watch it?”

The user, who stumbled upon the illustrious show, took to Twitter to share some of the glimpses from the show.

He tweeted, “This was a real show in Japan about a Samurai who refused to kill a cat he was hired to kill. I had to post the extremely good promo gallery for Twitter.”

One tweet read, “Blessed. Thanks for the heads up.”

Another user tweeted, “thank you! I too must find and watch this. And thank you @rabbitlayla for bringing this to the attention of someone who ended up liking it which then somehow caused it to show up in my timeline. Lol”

Another tweeted, “This would be even better if the cat had been hired to kill the Samurai but refused and made him his personal butler instead”.

‘Neko Zamurai’ was a film franchise and Japanese TV show which premiered few years back. It was based on the relationship of a samurai and a cat. The samurai was given the task of killing the cat, which belonged to a rival gang, but he refused to do so and took the furry animal under his wing.

“Kyutaro, a famous swordsman, is hired by a dog-loving gang to kill their feline-loving rival’s beloved cat. When he sees the cute kitty, he cannot kill it and becomes a cat lover, angering both gangs”, read the show’s synopsis.


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