‘Ishq Subhan Allah’: Zee TV launches new fiction show on triple talaaq

‘Ishq Subhan Allah’: Zee TV launches new fiction show on triple talaaq

MUMBAI: Zee TV has launched its new fiction show titled Ishq Subhan Allah putting the spotlight on Triple Talaaq issue.

Talking about the show, the story revolves around intelligent, young Maulvi Kabeer Ahmed played by Adnan Khan and confident and free-willed Zara played by actress Eisha Singh.

Both Kabeer and Zara are devout followers of Islam, who happen to interpret the ‘Holy Quraan’ very differently.

Starting March 14, the show will go on-air every Monday to Friday at 10 pm.

About his character, Adnan Khan says, “Kabeer’s character is of a young Maulvi with a thorough understanding of Islam. While he is very traditional and culture-driven, his personality and outlook is extremely different from Zara’s. Being a Muslim, I could easily adapt myself to certain aspects of Kabeer’s character which helped me a lot during my preparation. In fact, I could also strongly relate to his inner instincts and religious traits as I am extremely religious in real life, albeit with a modern touch. The concept of the show is extremely engaging and I am looking forward to this exciting new journey.”

About her character Zara, Eisha says, ““Ishq Subhan Allah is a unique concept with a strong message. Zara is a strong and confident woman who doesn’t fear any consequences and isn’t afraid to ask the right questions. She is deeply rooted in her religious teachings of the holy Quran but applies them intelligently to life with logical reasoning. Zara is progressive but she isn’t a rebel or an atheist. She has studied Islam in depth and stands up against the misinterpretation of its teachings. Even though we might have progressed as a nation, there are situations where we fall prey to certain customs and traditions set by the society for us to follow. I strongly relate to Zara’s character and hope viewers can resonate with her ideology too. Moreover, I am really excited to play such a strong character and I hope that the audience will enjoy watching this side of me.”