Israel denies reports of transactions with Saudi Arabia

Israel denies reports of transactions with Saudi Arabia

After a noted web portal cited Saudi Arabia purchased Iron Dome Missile defence system from Israel which is reflecting warm ties between the two nations, Israel strongly denied the reports on Thursday.

According to web portal’s reports, the transaction between the two countries is yet to take place in December and the estimated cost of batteries is tens of millions of dollars which Saudi intends to deploy southern border with Yemen.

The report also added that at first Israel opposed to the selling of Iron Dome Systems to Gulf but agreed after the US pressured it to change its stance.

But Diplomatic sources expect Saudi Arabia to first examine the operational effectiveness of the missile defence system and only then purchase more batteries.

Reports of cooperation between Israeli and Saudi are frequently mentioned more than before.

The Houthi militants in Iran are reported as actively firing missiles regularly on Saudi’s southern Arabia target and intend to Riyadh but usually, the fired missiles are intercepted by Saudi Military stated reported.

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