Israeli Apartheid Week to commence in Hyderabad on March 27

Israeli Apartheid Week to commence in Hyderabad on March 27
pic courtesy: Ummid

‘Israeli Apartheid Week’ for the first time, would be held across India from March 21 to help Palestine getting out of oppression. Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) -that works to end Israel’s oppression on Palestinians- would travel to different cities in India. They would also travel to Hyderabad on March 27 and March 28.

It would enlist support for its struggle for justice, freedom, equality and human rights in Palestine. According to Maren Mantovani, the member of the International Secretariat of the of the BDS National Committee, the 14-year-old global people’s movement is getting popular globally.

BDS organises an annual global series of events in about 200 cities. The movement has been even nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of its peaceful struggle. “The purpose of our Indian tour is to appeal to the people to join the global tide in boycotts to help Palestine free its lands from Israeli occupation and Apartheid,” Mantovani said.

The Israeli Apartheid Week would be appealing different strata of society from farmers, professionals, common people to industrialists against doing business with Israel and using its technology in the country. Mahmoud Nawaja’a, the general coordinator of the Palestinian BDS National Committee, would visit Hyderabad after touring Mumbai, Kolkata and Kerala. The visit will conclude in Delhi.

Ms Mantovani said “We have been talking to farmers in Telangana and they agree with us. The Israeli drip irrigation experiment in Kuppam of Andhra Pradesh is a glaring example that the Israeli technology will not work in Indian conditions.”

The net sum of rising Indo-Israel ties’, includes drip irrigation technology, defence technology and wooing Bollywood industry to make films in Israel. This would accumulate the Indian resources in Israel, which would be used against Palestinians, Mantovani explained.