Israeli settlement in Palestine illegal: United Nations

Israeli settlement in Palestine illegal: United Nations

New York: Five resolutions were passed in United Nations, General Assembly with a majority of the countries voting in their favour. Jewish settlement in Palestine was strongly condemned in the resolution and the Zionist state was urged to use all peaceful means for settlement of Palestinian issue.

The first resolution was passed for just solution of Palestinian issue. 157 countries voted in support of the resolution while 7 countries including Canada, Israel, Marshal Islands, Micronesia, and US, voted against it, while 8 countries didn’t take part in the voting.

The second resolution was passed entitled ‘Al-Quds’. The resolution condemned Israeli expansion in Baitul Maqdis, demolition of Palestinians houses and property, and demanded stopping of desecration of Holy places. 151 countries voted in favour of resolution while 6 countries opposed it and 9 didn’t participate in the voting.

The third resolution was passed regarding the problems faced by media in Palestine and issues of journalists.

The fourth resolution was passed in favour of fundamental rights of Palestinians. 103 countries voted in its favour 10 countries voted against it while 57 countries didn’t participate in voting.

Fifth resolution was again passed in favour of rights of Palestinians. 100 countries voted in favour, 10 voted against it, while 59 didn’t participate in voting.

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