Jaipur: On suspicious of Love jihad, Muslim man stripped and thrashed

Jaipur: On suspicious of Love jihad, Muslim man stripped and thrashed
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JAIPUR: A 25-year-old Muslim youth was allegedly thrashed and stripped by a strong mob of 100 people for being with a Hindu woman.

As per the Indian Express reports, the victim have been identified as Padu Khan of Sayala village of Jalore, a district neighbouring Barmer works in a garage.

On Thursday around 10 am, Khan had checked into the hotel with the woman who was wearing traditional Rajasthani attire, Multan Parihar, the owner of the hotel said.

“The Muslim man and the Hindu Rajput woman had checked into a hotel in Balotra, but soon after, the woman’s relatives arrived at the hotel and assaulted the man,” said Barmer’s Additional Superintendent of Police (ADSP) Kailashdan Ratnoo.

Chanting the ‘Jai Shri Ram’ slogan, the mob belonging to Shiv Sena insisted that it was a case of love-Jihad and brutally assaulted Khan. He could have been lynched, if police had delayed any more, claimed Parihar.

“They were chanting ‘Jai Sri Ram’ and brutally assaulting him. Had police delayed any more, he could have been lynched,” he said. “While assaulting him, the mob said that it was a case of love-jihad,” The Indian Express quoted Parihar as saying.

Khan was rushed to a local hospital but as his condition deteriorated he was referred to Jodhpur for better treatment.