When Josh Hutcherson accidentally farted on Tom Hank’s face

When Josh Hutcherson accidentally farted on Tom Hank’s face

Los Angeles: Actor Josh Hutcherson said that he accidentally farted on two-time Oscar winner Tom Hank’s face while filming their 2004 animated film ‘The Polar Express’.

Recalling the incident with James Corden, Hutcherson, who was nine-years old then, expressed how it was “the most embarrassing moment of (his) entire life” when he had the gassy slip. “We’re shooting this scene where (Hanks is) playing the hobo and he’s on top of the train, skiing down, and I’m nestled in under him, and we’re like, ‘Whoa, this is crazy’… and it was like… I farted.”

He said that Hanks didn’t find the incident to be especially amusing at the time, but looking back, the younger actor now considers the moment to be a “rite of passage”.

“I farted in the scene, it happened, I did it and instead of playing it cool, Tom Hanks is like, ‘Whoa, whoa, oh my God, this kid, what the heck! Oh my God!’ My first big movie – Tom Hanks, (director) Robert Zemeckis – and I just farted on his face’.”

Hutcherson said he can look back on the incident with humour, but it was no laughing matter at the time.

“At that moment, I thought my face was going to just start sweating blood,” said Hutcherson.