Julia Roberts tried playing matchmaker for Connie Britton

Julia Roberts tried playing matchmaker for Connie Britton

Washington: Taking on the title of “matchmaker,” Julia Roberts tried to set Connie Britton up on some dates.

During a talk show on Wednesday (local time), Busy Tonight, 51-year-old Britton revealed that the Oscar winner has tried to set her up on dates in the past, confirmed People Magazine.

“I’ve gotten to be friends with Julia Roberts. She tried to set me up with somebody . It hasn’t worked out yet, but at least mama tried, you know what I’m saying,” she said.

She also gushed about meeting Roberts as she explained that once when she came to meet her, she touched her face and said, “I love you.”

“I was like, ‘I’m never washing my face again.’ Can you tell? It’s not really a functional relationship,” she said. “Like it’s not really, it’s not really a healthy friendship. It’s more like I idolize her, and she’s nice to me.”

Interestingly, Britton and Roberts were both nominated for best actress Golden Globes for their roles in TV series ‘ Dirty John’ and ‘Homecoming’ respectively. However, neither of them ended up taking home the award.

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