Kajjikayalu /Semolina Gujiya

Kajjikayalu /Semolina Gujiya


For dough:

2-3 Tbsp Ghee

500 Gram Refined flour



For filling:

1 Cup Sooji/Semolina

1 Cup Sugar

1/4 Cup Coconut, grated

2 Tbsp Ghee

1 tsp Cardamom powder

For deep frying Oil

2 Tbsp Cashews, finely chopped


Knead soft dough using flour, ghee, water, and salt.

Heat a pan, add 1 tablespoon ghee, and roast the grated coconut over medium flame for 2 to 3 minutes. Keep aside.

In another pan, add 1 tablespoon ghee and add sooji and roast over medium flame till it turns golden brown.

Powder the sugar and mix roasted sooji, grated coconut, cardamom powder and cashew nuts. The filling is ready. Keep aside.

Roll each ball into a thin puri with a rolling pin.

Place the filling in the center of the puri, and fold the circle in half-moon shape. Apply a little water to the edges and seal.

Deep fry till until is golden brown. Serve to guests.

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