Karnataka Assembly Elections: Need to stop division of secular votes, JD (S) under scanner

Karnataka Assembly Elections: Need to stop division of secular votes, JD (S) under scanner

Bangalore: After Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Karnataka and his meetings with the Muslim clerics in various districts, the situation of secular voters seems to be changing rapidly. The strategy of Congress to get closer to Muslims is yielding rich dividends since Muslims have been voting continuously in favour of Congress.

If the division of Muslim votes takes place for any reason, it would be on the basis of religion. In such a case, BJP would sweep the polls.

Muslim dignitaries of Karnataka are of the opinion that there is a need to stop the division of Muslim votes in the State.

After the visit of Mr. Rahul Gandhi to Dargahs and Muslim clerics, a new wave in favour of Congress has started. In this situation, Congress Party is busy formulating its strategy for the next elections to avoid allegations of appeasing Minorities. Noted Congressmen of Karnataka opine that the secular ideology of Congress would be highlighted and it will confirm that Congress party is not going to compromise on secular ideals.

In addition to consolidating Muslim votes, Congress Party is also taking steps to keep abreast the dissidents.

It may be mentioned that during his visit to Karnataka, Mr. Rahul Gandhi called on Dr. Khusro Husaini, Sajjada of Dargah Khwaja Banda Nawaz and other Muslim clerics.

Whenever Muslims got irritated with Congress, they voted in favour of Janta Dal which in turn sought the support of BJP and breach the trust of the Muslims. In such a situation the question of Muslims voting in favour of JD (s) in the next elections does not arise. If MIM floats its candidates, Muslim votes are likely to get divided. In the same manner, if another political party MEP also contests, the votes of the majority community would get divided.

Noted political leaders of Karnataka are considering to make an appeal to the leaders of other political parties not to float their candidates which would eventually strengthen BJP.

It may be mentioned that after the good performance of Congress in Gujarat Assembly Elections and by polls of other states, the chances of Congress winning elections in Karnataka seem to be bright.

It is reported that in a few days, the representatives of Sajjadas and Mutawallis propose to meet the CM of Karnataka, Mr. Siddaramaiah to get assurances for the welfare of Muslims.

–Siasat News

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