Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah echoing Hafiz Saeed’s views, says BJP

Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah echoing Hafiz Saeed’s views, says BJP
Photo: PTI

New Delhi: The BJP sought to draw a parallel on Thursday between Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah and Hafiz Saeed, the founder of terror outfit LeT, saying the Congress leader in his attack on the BJP and the RSS echoed Saeed’s views.

“Desperation and frustration of Siddaramaiah is evident. For vote bank politics, he is making senseless charges against the BJP and the RSS, and echoing views of Hafiz Saeed who considers India, BJP, RSS terrorists,” BJP spokesperson GVL Narasimha Rao said, seeking his apology.

He wondered if the Congress leader would join Saeed’s new party after polls. Pakistan-based Saeed had recently announced to launch his own political party.

Rao’s attack at the Karnataka chief minister after the latter called the BJP and the RSS “Hindu extremists”.

The BJP has been making a strong bid to dethrone him from power. Its president Amit Shah had on Wednesday accused the state government of pursuing anti-Hindu policies.

Rao also tweeted Saeed’s comments in which he had called the BJP and the RSS “terrorist outfits” to claim that Siddaramaiah echoed his views.

Siddaramaiah had alleged that the BJP and the RSS had terrorists among their ranks.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Siddaramaiah said, “I had said they are Hindutva terrorists. I am also a Hindu, but I’m a Hindu with humanity, they are Hindus without humanity. That is the difference between me and… (them).”

“Look at these statements, one by Hafiz Saeed and the other by Siddaramaiah. Karnataka CM is echoing views of Hafiz Saeed. Uncannily similar thinking or deliberate attempt to divert focus from misgovernance? CM should apologise,” Rao of the BJP said.


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