Karnataka: ‘My father did not want me to be CM,’ says CM HD Kumarswamy

Karnataka: ‘My father did not want me to be CM,’ says CM HD Kumarswamy

Bengaluru: My father did not want the CM job for me says CM HD Kumaraswamy said on Monday.

Speaking on how the Congress party was reluctant on making him CM to lead the Congress-JD(S) coalition government in Karnataka, HD Kumaraswamy said his father had told the party to choose a Congress CM when the party approached him after the elections were announced, TOI reported.

“My father told Congress leaders that I have undergone heart surgery twice and I’m not in good health. He even asked them to have a Congress CM. But they were unrelenting and made me CM,” Kumaraswamy said.

“I wanted to share my fears of running the government because of middlemen in Vidhana Soudha. I heard about the menace of middlemen who seek Rs 10 crore for transfers of officials. Sometimes, I’m scared to think of running the government under these conditions. I expressed my concerns to my father. That’s when my father shared the conversation he had with Congress leaders,” he added.

HD Kumaraswamy who had gone for a heart surgery says he is in no greed of making money but would rather have a good governance over the state to promote its welfare.

“I don’t want to make money or don’t aspire for anything. I don’t know how long I’ll live. Now, that I have accepted the offer, I’ll run the government and ensure good governance,” he said.

He added he is definitely determined to fight corruption in the government but says taking strict measures will not weed out the corruption in one go and he will too lose his job.

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