Karwan-e-Mohabbat: Peace loving citizens shameful at the present situation of the country – Harsh Mander

Karwan-e-Mohabbat: Peace loving citizens shameful at the present situation of the country – Harsh Mander

Ramgarh: “If human beings forget human emotions and if humanity ceases to exist, the activities which are performed are called brutal. I will struggle to save the conscience of human beings from dying and I would continue to struggle to get justice. The situation which I am facing, my children need not encounter”. These are the words of coal trader, late Aleemuddin Ansari’s widow, Maryam Khatoon who considers the sacrifice made by her late husband as a tribute paid to the citizens of the country for their protection. She is determined not to keep quiet until justice is achieved.

Ms. Maryam Khatoon welcomed the delegation consisting of 50-60 activists of Karwan-e-Mohabbat at her residence. She has no grief for the death of her husband. More than this, she is worried about the future of her children since such incidents of brutality were never witnessed earlier. Now, every moment, she has apprehensions about her security. The brutal way in which her husband was assassinated and the manner in which her son was attacked are painful but despite all these, she is determined to fight for the cause so that no Maryam should become a widow in the country and no Aleemuddin Ansari should be killed in the name of beef eating. About the culprits, she said that her sons are eyewitnesses and certainly they would see that the culprits are punished.

It may be mentioned that late Aleemuddin Ansari has 3 sons and 3 daughters. His daughters are Shahana Parveen, Saquiba and Sadia. His three sons are Shahjahan, Sehzad Akhtar and Shaban. After the assassination of Aleemuddin Ansari, police avoided entering the complaint but when the video of his murder made rounds on social media, police became alert and completed post-mortem formalities and brought the dead body to the village. The family members of Ansari demanded that they will not accept the dead body until the culprits are arrested. The police then made an attempt to hand over the dead body to the neighbors by force but they also refused it supporting the stand taken by the family of Ansari. So far, no arrests have been made. The sons of the slain Ansari told that they would not keep quiet. They asserted that they would organize a protest meeting and dharna along with the residents of the village.

The delegation of Karwan-e-Mohabbat consisted of Mr. Harsh Mander, Mr. John Dayal, Mr. Ashraful Islam, Mr. Asghar and local noted persons and religious leaders. The assassination which took place in Ramgarh was treated as a murder of humanity by various organizations and they kept quiet. When the delegates of Karwan-e-Mohabbat expressed their views openly and fixed the responsibility on RSS, the residents of the village told that instead of preaching negative ideology of RSS, positive thinking should be promoted so that people should come out of the fear psychosis and be prepared to reject the ideology of hatred.

Later, a peace meeting was organized at Rotary Bhavan, at Ramgarh which was addressed by Mr. Harsh Mander, Mr. John Dayal, Dr. L.A. Singh, Mr. Asad Bari, Mr. V. K. Chaturvedi. Mr. Satish Gupta and others. The speakers laid the stress on the need to promote communal harmony and struggle for getting justice.

Mr. Harsh Mander told that the way in which the country is facing the situation makes every peace loving citizen shameful. The silence of the majority community is being termed as a support to the present situation.

Addressing the gathering, Mr. Jagjeet Singh Soni told that being within the ambit of religion, something could be thought of humanity. Not only this, being in the boundary of religion, makes a person follow humanity.

–Siasat News